Chris Tibenda

  • Was never interested in fighting before and only got interested when he got mugged one time and was robbed while on a walk with his sister so a friend from the UK introduced him to the sport after that.
  • Has had a lot of in house competitions of about more than 20. Tho the major sports played in TZ is mainly kickboxing
  • He is fully based in MMA and Jiu Jitsu and has not yet received an award.
  • This will be his first tournament outside Tanzania. He is happy that he will get the chance to represent his country and show the rest of East Africa that there’s MMA in TZ and they are on the map.
  • He’s not into grappling. He prefers wrestling and he doesn’t really have a favorite strike or movement.
  • Coner Mcgregor is one of his inspo, Canelo Alvarez, Khamzat Chimaev among others.
  • It doesn’t matter how he takes his opponent down. He will use his fighting style to win the match and defeat his opponent.